Pouance Map V3.0 Beta

April 17, 2022 1:48 pm 283 Downloads

Hello, everyone,
today I introduce you to the jump to the final version of my map Pouancé.

What has changed:
The city has spruced itself up a bit and become a bit more modern. The industry has settled and also
the train builders were active and built 2 train lines. There is no longer a range out here, which means you have rented the train until you return it.
In my test, it turned out that it then stops accordingly.
The biggest innovation, however, is that multi-fruits are installed. Because of that, it's only a beta for the time being, since here
another update is to come.

Were installed: carrots, onions, hops, white and red cabbage, rye, poppy seeds, lucerne and clover. Therefore, some productions
added or expanded.
All fields are now occupied by missions and the number has decreased, now 23 fields with the corresponding size.
In order to have the map complete at the start, it is no longer necessary to load external mods.
If you find errors, post them here in the forum, as of now no log error is displayed (but there may be some with regard to the fruits).


Credits: Bretty´s Farm und Giants

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