Production For Paper And Cardboard Revamp Edition V1.0

August 22, 2022 4:32 pm 171 Downloads

The mod includes production for paper and cardboard and also warehouses for glue, paper and cardboard. Revamp or newer is required to use this mod and to enjoy the advantages of the Revampscritps, e.g. the respective levels can be read directly from digital displays. The mod info panel can be changed or hidden at the corners of the panel. The cellulose factory produces paper and cardboard from water and wood chips. The production can be boosted with empty pallets and paste, the paste can be bought at the shop.

Cellulose factory: Construction cost: 175000 € Cycles per month: 864 Cost per cycle: 100 € Glue silo: Construction cost: 16000 € Capacity: 100000 l Paper and cardboard silo: Construction cost: 10000 € Capacity: 1000000 l

This mod is not hosted on the Giants.
This mod requires Revamp!

Mods needed
Sawmill Revamp Edition
Production For Empty Pallets And Barrels Revamp Edition

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Credits: ZoddelZockt

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