Ricci Modpack 2 V1.0

February 21, 2022 1:31 pm 118 Downloads

FS22 Ricci Modpack 2. UNZIP the first file then keep all inside zipped.
These work on my maps and ALL maps.
Be on the lookout for my sellpoint.

Modpack2 includes:
Carpentry, makes empty crates, pallets, and furniture
Composter, makes compost
Ice House, makes Ice Cubes
Mammoth Mill, Makes Boards, drill pipe, sacks, nails, boxes, steel, sawdust, and resin
Oil Well, makes crude oil
Refinery, makes Diesel and Plastic
Stone Pit, makes stones (if you play with field stones turned off or on, this makes more stones)
Stone processing, Takes the stones and makes, Lime, Limestone, Calcuim carbonate, and Gypsum
Water Works, Makes Water
ALL the products made by these factories will be used in future production factories, so stay tuned.


Credits: OLDMAN102tester: Dixie Angel

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