Rici Greenhouse And Orchard Modpack V1.0

February 21, 2022 1:29 pm 60 Downloads

FS22 Ricci orchard and greenhouse ModPack. These will work on my maps and ALL maps.
UNZIP the first file then keep all inside zipped.
Be on the look out for my sellpoint.

Pack Includes:
GreenhouseOne: Tomato, peanut, mushroom, melon and cucumber
GreenhouseTwo: lettuce, hops, peppers, onion and garlic
GreenhouseThree: strawberry, pumpkin, cabbage, blueberry and dill
OrchardOne: apple, cherry, orange,lemon and banana
OrchardTwo: coconut, cocoa, pecan, almond and cashew
Vineyard: for grapes
Grove for olives
All the product these make will be use din future factgories so stay tuned.


Credits: OLDMAN102 tester: Dixie Angel

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