Seco Duplex F Eco V1.0

March 8, 2022 1:00 pm 165 Downloads

The double blade front mowers from the Seco Duplex F ECO series from BB Umwelttechnik
are ideal for managing small and medium-sized businesses.

Thanks to the double blade cutting technology, a fraction of the drive power of comparably large rotary mowers is sufficient for these mowers.
Due to this, you save not only fuel, but also a large tractor.
As a result, soil compaction is avoided, which, in addition to gentler grass cutting
and therefore following better regrowth, yield is maximized.

The mowers also offer the advantage that they only require a single-acting hydraulic control unit and therefore no front PTO shaft for operation.
Therefore, they can be operated with all tractors equipped with front hydraulics, such as the Steyr 8150.

Seco Duplex 275 F ECO: €9,000
Seco Duplex 310 F ECO: €11,000


Credits: Muehlviertel Modding

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