Sipma Press Pack Update V1.1

April 25, 2022 11:47 am 147 Downloads

Sipma Z276 – SipmaZ279
Price: € 15,000.
Category: Baling technology.
Required power: 50 hp.

Sipma Z276 – bale size: 150
Sipma Z279 – bale size: 125

Color Configurations:
– Rim Color.

Press Configurations:
– Press Color in Configuration.
– Old / New Press version.
– Wrapping method: String / Net.
– Tire configuration: Narrow / Wide.
Triangle: Yes / No

The press has a nice animation:
– Chain animation.
– Tailgate animation with repeller.
– Landing Landing Animations.
– Animation of pulleys when ejecting bales.
– Standard FS22 Animation.
– Animation of Opening the Lapel from Ropes / Net on the Mouse button.
– Removing / placing the Belt Flap on the Mouse button.
– And many interesting elements.

– It has lights
– FS22 standards.

Update Sipma Z276 – SipmaZ279 – V includes
The ability to change the weight of Belek to the L key from the tractor has been added

– 150 cm – Weight 3000L
– 151 cm – Weight 5000L
– 152 cm – Weight 7000L

– 125 cm – Weight 3000L
– 126 cm – Weight 5000L
– Added Simple_IC (Rope / Net Lapel Opening Animation, Belt / Lapel Opening / Removal.)
– Press Colors separated from Press Versions.
– A new version of the Farma Press II has been added.
– New Press Colors added.
– New Rim Colors added.
– Weight of Press has been improved.
– Tires have been changed and new ones have been added.
– The Bel repeller in the Sipma Z276 has been corrected.
– SipmaPressPack File Weight lowered.
– Wheel Hubs have been improved and other (less important).

I emphasize: The press has no errors in the Log.
I have permission from Rolnik410 for the press release.


Credits: Farming Simulator 2019: Rolnik410 Farmerls Farming Simulator 2022: AgroPhoto

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