Svc Gorbany Map V1.0.1.0

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In the game, the real economic situation of Ukraine and the CIS countries was realized, all prices were changed to real ones, starting from the price, weight, grain volume, to the price of animals, honey, and so on.
Therefore, when starting the game, it will be wise to manage the initial budget. Prices for machinery, crops, etc. have been reduced except for the price of machinery.
The price of fields has been reduced by 13 times, so you can buy land, but you will have problems with equipment that can process it. This adds to the value of using old and cheap vehicles early in the game. Buying new imported equipment is now a luxury.

The oil plant was relocated, and a fodder production plant was installed in its place.
The economy corrected under Ukrainian.
- Changed lighting;
- Fixed problem with plowing, lime, liquid and solid fertilizer, herbicide.
During the recording of the autodrive courses, many problems were found and corrected due to the relief and the proximity of the trees to the fields

- A starting house that has bees, chickens, greenhouses, some sheep, and a small wood production. The house has a cellar and a grain storage bin. Sleep trigger.
Everything is modest and cozy.
- New crops: rye, buckwheat, peas, mustard, clover, alfalfa.
- Street and business lighting has been added to the entire map.
- Replaced the road from the texture to the model.
- A lot of details have been added to brigade yards and enterprises.
- Production of feed for pigs, monomix and mineral feed.
- Station for the purchase of lime, manure, silage;
- Station weighing;
- Added 2 new villages.
- Added a gas station where you will need to refuel / load fuel and carry fuel to a gas station that is on one of the two bases.
Added gate animation to many garages.
Added biogas.
Added 2 new farms.
Added more non-default paints in scheduler mode.

In case of problems with the game, flickering, luminous equipment at night, some elements not working,


Credits: Artanis

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