Terra Farm V0.3.6.0

January 21, 2022 5:44 pm 395 Downloads Latest
Custom density height map support for DIRT
Mod now adds functionality for dumping DIRT on the ground on maps that don't have support for DIRT natively.
Thanks to w33zl (WZL Modding)!

NOTE: If you play on a mod map there's a chance this update will cause some issues. If that happens please downgrade to for now.

- The purchase price is: 0 €
- The daily maintenance costs are: 0 €

No available configuration options:
- no configuration options.

Supported standard devices:
- Albutt - front loader shovel
- Magsi - Telehandler shovel
- Magsi - wheel loader shovel
- McCormick - dump bucket
- Paladin - high tip shovel

Supported mods (version
- Case CX250D long range shovels
- CAT 990H shovel
- HAMM H11i road roller
- Liebherr R926 shovels
- Volvo EC750 buckets
- Volvo L-350H bucket

Supported filltypes (version
- asphalt
- Money
- bricks
- Concrete
- limestone
- pebbles
- Sand
- iron
- Paydirt
- river sand
- stone powder
- Clay

- As soon as the script has been activated, the player can do landscaping if he has the right devices / machines.
- The Landscaping Mouds can be activated with the "Z" key.
- The dismantling mode can be changed using the "X" key.
- The unloading mode can be changed with the "B" key.
- The menu is accessed using the "Y" key.
- Various settings can be made in the menu, including the strength, the radius, but also general things.
- The script runs in the single player and multiplayer area, but not yet 100% function in multiplayer!
- It is a BETA version.

- No problems in the form of game crashes or log errors detected, as this is a BETA version, there may be errors in functionality!


Credits: scfmod

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