Valtra 8750 Edited V1.0

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This is Tommi Sakari's 8750, actually it's 8950 and not 8750 but come on.

Price: 45.000 €
The 8050 series was introduced at the end of 1995. They had reformed, Stanadyne-
motors with distributor pump (not 8750) with appreciable torque
more than before. The engine of the 8450 was equipped with a waste port turbo and
From 8450, a viscous fan was standard. In the 8550's 7.4-liter engine
had a power of 160 hp. In the 8750 Sigma Power system, engine power increased,
when the power take-off power requirement exceeded a specified limit. 8750 was normal
power of the same 160 hp as in the 8550, with an additional power level of 190 hp. The transmission was
the former 36 + 36 and traction was standard.

The 8450-8750 had a more versatile and standard adjustment
Autocontrol D with anti-sway damping and front axle was
a heavier industrial shaft with a friction lock to be engaged. These
models were also available with a long wheelbase if desired. So
agricultural than industrial axes were more productive for Dana. Danan
the industrial shaft is said to be the Carraro used in HiTechs
more durable.

A push button switch was standard on all models. 8550/8750 standard equipment
were a column exhaust and air conditioning. For all models except
of the rare low-revving model 8350 were the tractor versions.

For 2002, only 8050 and 8150 remained in the collection, which received
electrically controlled injection pumps. At the same time, the lifting capacity of the 8050 increased by 7


Credits: Mansikkireal uitto

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