White Farm Creek Map V1.0

April 10, 2022 11:05 am 326 Downloads

Converted Elmcreek.
New starting farm built with chickens, horses, sheep, cows and a small farm BGA, with Bernie's USA Farm Pack
The farm is available for all levels of difficulty and can be sold in its entirety.
The entire highway and the open space around was beautified with trees and plants.
The beet pulp plant was installed and the sugar factory was also placed. In addition, a beet pulp store and a sugar beet store were placed.
There are no starting vehicles on the map, you'll sell them again for 8o anyway.
The entire map has been made purchasable.


Credits: Vielen Dank an Bernie für das schöne USA Farm Pack. Vertex Design für die Rübenschnitzelanlage Alter Wasser Turm TeamRheinlandpfalz/Markus Lagerhaufen für Erdfrüchte und Steine ZoddelZockt

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