Skoda Liaz 706 Rn V1.0

Liaz 706 RN for FS19. Configuration for frame, lighting, box and lighthouse. Further configuration o...
Download 49.1 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 22:45:23

Krone Big X 580 V1.0

Hey guys here my Krone Big X 580Have not done too much about the current statusBuilt rims and warnin...
Download 19.9 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 22:44:45

Sandveld South Africa V004

Very nice and big 4x Map, set in the beautiful west coast of South Africa is a working potato farm c...
Download 1.8 GB / ZIP
2021-01-18 22:43:14

Sx 210 Itr Truck V1.0.0.5

SX 210 in a new version for ITRunner trailers. Various configurations are available:– Colour select...
Download 12.1 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 22:40:56

Dt-75 Kazakhstan V2.0.2.1

Mod-pack envelope of a Russian crawler tractor. Tractor DT-75:– Power – 75 hp – 95 hp;– Speed ​​- 1...
Download 45.3 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 22:38:58

Kirovets K-700 Humpbacked V1.1

Fixed bugs with rear optics Fixed bugs with wheels now the log is clean Added dynamic hoses Author o...
Download 40.3 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 22:37:37

New Holland T7 Tractor V1.0.1.0

Version 1.0.1RAR has been changed to ZIP It’s a conversion, it has SIC, you can open the left door ...
Download 7.0 MB / RAR
2021-01-18 22:36:49

John Deere 8000 8010 Series V1.0

This is a mod I had found and was in need of a LOT of work.Went over every part of this mod. rebuilt...
Download 77.0 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 22:35:32

New Holland Cr10.90 Revelation V1.0

This machine is a modification of the base New Holland CR10.90 Revelation. The changes are as follo...
Download 35.3 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 08:37:10

Eigenbau Gewicht V1.0

It is a 750 KG weight.That is a weight for the LS 19 with color configuration with 750KG. Tested in...
Download 2.5 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 08:36:20

Enisei 1200 Harvester

– Animation of pulleys;– Working lighting equipment;– Gets dirty, washed;– Aging– Udim textures Tes...
Download 38.3 MB / ZIP
2021-01-18 08:35:10

Zil 130 Ribka V1.0

Designed to transport fish on the Rassvet MapChoice of cab and rim color, instrument animation, ligh...
Download 29.6 MB / ZIP
2021-01-17 23:20:20
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