Farming Simulator Buildings And Objects

Sosnovka Chicken Pen V1.2

Sosnovka chicken pen can hold 260 chickens.  Changelog 1.1:Organized fileOptimized file and xml fil...
Download 8.2 MB / ZIP
2020-10-17 10:20:32

Bale Chipper V1.0.0.2

Any kind of bales can be shredded with this stationary shredder.Construction costs € 500, -, daily c...
Download 9.9 MB / ZIP
2020-10-15 19:34:58

Hungarian Shed Prefab (Prefab) V1.0

It’s Hungarian Shed prefab. Tested in FS19 1.6 version....
Download 6.0 MB / ZIP
2020-10-15 19:34:19

Animal Food Pack V1.0.0.3

This animal food pack contains 9 different buildings that are needed for the production of food.The ...
Download 93.4 MB / ZIP
2020-10-15 19:32:03

Hungarian Workshop And Shed V1.0

This is a Hungarian Workshop and Shed.2 in 1WorkshopShed Tested in FS19 1.6 version....
Download 6.0 MB / ZIP
2020-10-15 19:30:47

Storage Shed V1.0

ew custom built vehicle storage shed for all vehicle types.Seasons Ready Tested in FS19 1.6 version...
Download 7.9 MB / ZIP
2020-10-15 19:10:31

Placeable Factories Pack V1.1

Version 1.1:-The trigger of the delivery points of several factories has been adjusted looking for a...
Download 21.1 MB / ZIP
2020-10-14 20:21:27

FS19 – Pack Of 11 Gates V1

Package includes:11 different gates, with gates (with or without a plate) and types of posts Tested...
Download 7.0 MB / ZIP
2020-10-14 19:30:12

Flash Light V1.2

Flash Light for all your lighting needs. Cost 40. Version 1.1:Fixed light angle Version 1.2:New no...
Download 373 KB / ZIP
2020-10-14 19:27:42

De Pieces Pack V1.0

This is a 3d parts pack to place under Giant Editorial (FS17, FS19), all parts are already in DLand ...
Download 7.6 MB / RAR
2020-10-12 14:48:04

Container Shed V1.0

Capacity Aprox. 3 Vehicles. Tested in FS19 1.6 version....
Download 14.2 MB / ZIP
2020-10-12 14:40:58

Basket Ball Hoop V1.0

After A Long Day Working In The Fields Why Dont You Finish Your Day By Playing Some Basket Ball And ...
Download 10.0 MB / ZIP
2020-10-12 14:31:01
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