MW Placeable Hof Sunny V3.5.5

MW Placeable Hof pack Manure System ReadyVersion 3.5.5:Revised a little by myself. A few adjustments...
Download 295.3 MB / ZIP
2020-08-01 16:50:47

Gregoire Besson Prima Pack V1

Pack including 2 rear plows and 2 front plows:Prima 50:Price: 18 300 €Working speed: 12 km/hPower re...
Download 9.2 MB / ZIP
2020-08-01 16:31:25

Industriepack Alssach V1

Here is my yard pack, adapted for the Alssach, but the buildings can also be placed on other maps.Th...
Download 31.8 MB / ZIP
2020-07-31 15:38:11

MW Placeable Hof Sunny V1.3

The Manure system now also works in the pigsty, so all stables are equipped with it.Since it was als...
Download 284.1 MB / ZIP
2020-07-29 18:00:01

Claas Corto 210N V1

The following was done:– Sip Roto 220 re-skinned to Claas Corto 210N– New decals created Tested in ...
Download 7.0 MB / ZIP
2020-07-27 23:30:19

Krone Vario Pack V190

Krone Vario Pack with various configuration options. Tested in FS19 1.6 version....
Download 7.7 MB / ZIP
2020-07-27 23:23:04

Forged Modding Mod Pack V1

Mod pack with every Forged Modding mod so far. 1. JEEP CHROKEE2. Dodge Crew Cab3. CHEVY LOWERED4. 2...
Download 423.8 MB / ZIP
2020-07-11 15:15:23

Fendt Pack V2.1.0.1

Hello Ls 19 fans and gamers. Today we would like to introduce our Fendt Pack to you!Version
Download 54.4 MB / ZIP
2020-06-30 16:22:00

Productions Pack (Obst And Gemuse) V1.3

Fixes:Pallet weight reducedProduction times have been reduced.FillTypes removed (now its own mod. Se...
Download 92.2 MB / ZIP
2020-06-28 00:48:34

Energreen Pack V1

Energreen ILF S1500:Price: 185.000€Power: 155hpEnergreen NewSpeed:Price: 14.500€Needed Power: 100hpW...
Download 17.7 MB / ZIP
2020-06-28 00:43:37

Holmer Terra Variant DLC V1.0.2.0

CDATA HOLMER Terra Variant DLC Changelog Holmer TV 585 and 435 can now be used to unload ...
Download 127.6 MB / ZIP
2020-06-26 14:41:10

Cars Pack

Cars pack for Farming Simulator 19. 1. This is the 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse from fast 1.2. This is the...
Download 231.7 MB / ZIP
2020-06-24 21:00:20
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