Man Lions City V2

Cleaned up the log now it's cleanChanged wheelsOpened the doorsMade animation of the visor and windo...
Download 22.9 MB / ZIP
2020-08-02 10:53:25

Suzuki Carry V1

The model was mean't to be 3D printed, so there's some holes... it's still looking nice from outside...
Download 9.4 MB / ZIP
2020-08-01 17:32:44

Asphalt Milling V1

This mod can catch the material on the ground and discharge on truck and with a implement can change...
Download 20.8 MB / ZIP
2020-07-26 12:18:10

Uaz-3303 Watch V1

Choice of wheels and color of the boothCustom sound with gear shiftingLog is clean Tested inĀ FS19 1...
Download 21.8 MB / ZIP
2020-07-23 12:49:52

Artistic Rat Rod V1.04

This is an ARTISTIC RAT ROD by DTAP GAMING Featuring a Texture map Designed for this mod by FlashKid...
Download 157.5 MB / ZIP
2020-07-19 23:31:42

Kavz-3976 Bus V1

Kavz-3976 Bus mod for Farming Simulator 19. Store selectionWork mirrors and tidyLive pendantSpeed s...
Download 29.4 MB / ZIP
2020-07-16 19:26:08

Uaz 3741 V2

Added color pickerOpened all the doorsMade a window on the side doorRepair technique in the gameAnd ...
Download 13.1 MB / ZIP
2020-07-13 11:07:43

John Deere 948L-II V1.0.0.1

The John Deere 948L-II skidder is the largest and most powerful skidder produced by John Deere.Chang...
Download 17.8 MB / ZIP
2020-06-27 12:55:28

John Deere 948L-II V1

The John Deere 948L-II skidder is the largest and most powerful skidder produced by John Deere. This...
Download 17.8 MB / ZIP
2020-06-26 20:19:51

Zuk A11 Andoria Truck V1

Hello! Today my old project is in your hands. No revelations but certainly someone will be useful.No...
Download 5.3 MB / ZIP
2020-06-23 23:41:37

Abomination Trucktor V0.1

Abomination Trucktor for Small Tractor category. An abomination created by some wishtobe modders. ...
Download 41.7 MB / ZIP
2020-06-22 11:38:56

Telescopic Loader - Fire Department Kassel V1

This is a Manitou telescopic loader from the Kassel fire brigade.I wish you a lot of fun with this m...
Download 12.9 MB / ZIP
2020-06-21 08:44:14
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