Summer Sheep Pasture V1.0.0.1

Date : 2020-06-20 14:45:00 Report

With this pen you can put your sheep to pasture in the wild.

- Change Seasonsmask Area
- Change descVersion

If you use the mod Seasons you can graze your sheep in the wild from mid spring, as soon as they have been sheared, to the end of autumn. At the arrival of the first frost you can shelter your sheep in a sheepfold using a cattle pen.

For feeding the sheep can take advantage of the grass in the pen, additionaly you can give them hay, fresh grass, or hay pellets that you will put in the feeding trough in the centre of the pen. A drinking trough is also available.

Sheep in this pen will not produce wool and you don´t not have to worry about the cleaning up the feeder.

Recommended mod: Seasons by Realismus Modding

Capacity: 250 sheep

Tested in FS19 1.6 version.

  • 50.000
  • 35

Credits: Farmer1602

Download File (1.6 MB)