Helvetia Map V1.0.5.1

Date : 2021-01-12 09:10:16 Report

Changes v1.0.5.1
BLS locomotive new exhaust animation.
Farmland borders revised.
Starting yard for MP added.
Map revised with GIANTStool.
Precision farming added.
Added mud. (Thanks to Hot derElky)
Oil radish is available again.

The site is based on the Canton of Bern.
From the Jura ranges over the almost flat Middle Land with its lakes and rivers and the hilly Emmental to the Alps.
The division of the city and the villages is freely put together and has no right to be correct.
There is no start farm, the idea is that you work your way up to a large farmer with your own farm and the right amount of land.
The fields were specially limited to about one hectare so that every future farmer can plow his fields himself to the right size.
There is now a start yard for SP players. If the start yard is desired, all extramods must be copied into the mod folder.
The fields have now become a little bigger so that wages also have the opportunity to develop. J But there are still enough fields that can be expanded with the plow or created from scratch.
We tested the card in SP and MP mode and could no longer find any significant errors.
In the city of Bern there are a few performance-intensive places (which are due to the amount of objects in these places) but these should not be of any further importance.
The card has Multifruit and is equipped with its own Multifruit harvesting machines, so no other Multifruit harvesting machines should be added as a Mod, otherwise script complications can result.
AI traffic cannot be switched off.

Tested in FS19 1.7 version.

Credits: Additional Authors Kurth Credits In Versionen Changelog In Versionen

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