East Frisia [Beta] v02

Date : 2017-06-20 19:49:55 Report
After I have done more than 3 vacation days in the past 3 months, and with the prospect in the next time not to be able to dispose of comparable time, ihc decided me for a first beta release. This is also expressly only a beta version to sniff and look around, there are various components not yet included or, tested for error. Primary affected: gameplay: - Silos, animal breeding + supply, straw + disposal are not yet tested and without a functional guarantee Scripting + Animation: - Here are the only map-based LOG errors so far, after my animation XML has shattered in the meantime. - I have not had time (and so far little experience) with the Thgema scripting and animation, which is why Topre still have no function (hitherto without collision), also missing useful known extension (SDK, Chopped Straw, etc) Urban area still i.d. construction phase: - The heading already says everything, the urban area has only just begun, including commercial area and not yet available harbor area Short description of the map: (Not claim to 100% correctness) Territory of the district Westermarsch / Stad Norden in Ostfriesland with> 80% Feldanteil including typical and the area corresponding greenland portion. - various working farms (1x pure dairy farm, 1x mixed operation small / medium, 1x mixed operation large incl. Fictitious small BGA (not tested), 1x BGA (former farm), 1x pig breeding, 1 sheep keeping near dyke) - animal dealer = butcher in town, in addition, at the respective establishments in the marked purchase zones - Terrain aware z.T. (The area is already flat enough), a landscape with corners, edges, as realistic as possible (where already finished) and with smaller green areas with drainage (mowing with feeling recommended ...) Otherwise: If you notice a few altered textures, or an adapted plant density - here I played around a little to get as realistic a result as possible. The card is running smoothly on a medium gamers' environment, but it is certainly not for old age computers. All in all, I took the first steps to a wish card, and my abilities to build happiness in the course of the creation, which is certainly noticed in one place or another. Should I ever have too much time, I will certainly take care here. Disclaimer: - I am a private user and have made this card primarily for me, which is why it is not charged for, and can not be uploaded, disseminated or otherwise made available in another place, without the explicit permission of the copyright owner, in an identical or similar form. - My initial and amateurish first steps meant that the content used here had been collected from different sources. I would like to expressly state that I have not asked all the rights, so I would like to ask all authors concerned here to get in touch with me as soon as they do not allow their use on this card. Since I have no time to adjust, the card is then taken again offline. - I am very happy about feedback but will not be able to report directly on all error reports - However, I would like to ignore unrealistic and unsuitable adaptations. Sorry, but behind the Deich there are neither forests nor sawmills (only in 10-15km distance ...). - Should anybody have serious interest and corresponding expertise,

Credits: Mr7Green

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