FS17 - 4x Blank Starter Map

Date : 2017-09-27 18:59:37 Report
A 4x flat starter map for FS17 map makers. This map was generated using the Giants Editor v7.1.0 with the FS17 Goldcrest Valley map serving as the starting point for this map. The DEM and all texture weight files are upscaled of the orginal FS17 files. No FS15 files were used to acheive the 4x scale. Details: Tools Giants Editor v 7.1.0 GIMP for the upscaling, editing, and generation of the 8-bit single channel texture weight files Giants grleConverter Notepad++ for the editing of the XML files All map elements removed from the i3d except the perspective, sun, terrain, and the careerStartPoint located in the center of the map. Only the standard FS17 fruits are supported

Credits: Model: Giants Texture: Giants for original texture files, upscaled by Baumgarder Script: Giants Idea / Concept: Giants Testing: Baumgardner

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