FS17 - Agricultural Peninsula Map V2.0

Date : 2018-10-08 12:08:15 Report
The map is fictitious of me and is especially suitable for single players who value a lot on helper friendliness. Version 2.0 - Forestry area worked, new sawmill, replanted many trees and brought to the ground - Digital display inserted and much more SeasonMod is synonymous. It may be that a few small optical errors are included, but will constantly try to optimize. I have many suggestions I hope you have fun. All productions like hops, beer, flour, sugar, bread, cakes, milk, etc. can be picked up with the normal tipper, you do not need any pallets Garden center sold. I have hopefully been able to eliminate all errors now. The map now offers from version 1.7MF multi-fruit and many production sites. The ship controls like the trains, preferably with the mod "LOCODRIVE". Recommended mods: Horse Transport http://www.modsup.com/auk2m4rk9f8l/PferdetransportLV540.zip.html -Kastor_Food, http://www.modsup.com/fdr3ytpkyjub/kastor_food_inc_bitte_entpacken_FS17.rar.html -kotteUniversalPack, http://www.modsup.com/jjg3ts5cxixh/FS17_kotteUniversalPack.zip.html -LocoDrive http://www.modsup.com/mxjnojzzuzna/FS17_LocoDrive.zip.html -StopMilkSale http://www.modsup.com/2a9bfv3xxtb2/FS17_StopMilkSale_1_0.zip.html

Credits: Modell: Giants, Kastor, Der_Wanderer, möchtegernbauer, Nic89.1, 112TEC, Niggels, The Snake, scottryder, San Andreas, M1800Power, Bummi, Marhu, Devin, Hewaaa, Bigblue, GE -Mapping, dajun, wellano920, dds-modding, Ingolf, Katsuo, Blacky BPG, marc85, mike LSF Modding, PaPa, TuneWar, pisty, manni112, adam5525, SLJ-Agrar, Mark44, MCMC, borutcebuli, Der Melker, ni-modding, XAnonymousX, atze1978, odin1985, Gaucho, sherco58,LS-farming.nl, Farmeraner, KIK, Aerocool1, Trekkerbodo, Zefir, LS-Community, Farmer_Andy und Zero_Ace, GTX und Eribus, Dorset
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