FS17 - Broncecrest Valley Map V

December 26, 2017 6:20 am 365 Downloads
Version Dedi error will be fixed FPS dips fixed prior to the close of the sugar factory small adjustments to the Hof Brewery and a potato scrubber inserted Refillable gas station at the court inserted All productions nun pallets, the potato washing facility need! You can select the cargo bull, the lift axle has been revised again because it slipped. Sugar cane ready Everything remained as it is, except that I changed the yard a bit and added new buildings. The sawmill site was a little bit pimped and expanded. Productions: Sawmill (standard sawmill replaced and no other added) Soy Milk Bio-Diesel Milk collection in the overpipe in cows. Of course, diesel -, milk -, and board-sales have also been added. Ground response and Saw dust directly incorporated in the map, the MODs are now required, for this card. Things that are not I will block any additional fruits, lime, compost. Oats, etc. Not Shopped Straw There is no other production chains created, the card remains the standard and processed, which brings LS17 with it Which updates smaller terrain may make changes and be pampered.

Credits: Ap0lLo

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