FS17 - Case Ih Puma Cvx Dat Edition V1.0.0.1

Date : 2018-04-05 06:50:54 Report
Case IH Puma CVX DAT Edition V1.1 Own special edition - The abbreviation DAT stands for "Subtle agricultural tuning" Textures Revised Decals Revised Punk Puma New (minimal rendering incl. Shadow) Engine sound incl. Huppe New 3 engine variants 3 rims colors 6 body colors 7 tire variants incl. Lettering LED lighting incl. Statics interior lighting ME Track III installed including lighting Monitor Case Connect 2.0 incl. Lighting IC control including indoor sound (reacts to volume when opening / closing) Door opener outside New here: Animated windscreen wipers can be switched on / off via IC Mirror permanently active Front loader selectable Schemas of Bolle installed moveCamIntern by modelleicher and myself Function of moveCamIntern: with mouse wheel => zoom in / out or forward / backward with Keypad Plus / Minus => up / down with Keypad 7 / Keypad 9 => left / right (good at plowing) with keypad 0 => Everything on zero or home position only works in the indoor view What's new in V1.1? Dynamic pants installed moveCamIntern dediServer bug fixed LOG clean! Rest LS17 scripts Thanks to Groschy for the dediServer test.

Credits: Giants Software GmbH
Edit: Der Tester (FBM)
Script: modelleicher
Publisher: Forbidden Mods

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