FS17 - Claas Lexion 430/460 Pack V1.1

Date : 2020-03-20 06:51:36 Report
Version - Helper problem fixed - Added PTO connection to cutting units The package contains: Lexion 430 (240 hp, 7800 l grain tank) Lexion 460 (300 hp, 9600l grain tank) Claas C540 folding cutter (5,4m, suitable for Lexion 430) Claas C600 (6m, can be used by both) Claas C600 Sunflowers (6m, can be used by both) Claas C750 (7,5m, suitable for Lexion 460) Geringhoff Horizon Star 6 (can be used by both, but 460 would need the 8-row) Features: Open / close grain tank Animated chopper Animated ladder and door FS17 features (turn lights, washable, etc.) Animated display (fuel tank fill level, grain tank fill level, threshed hectares, current time, engine speed and speed) Real sounds (430 - 460 are different) Animated fan (starts slowly at engine start and stops slowly at engine stop) Animated knives at the cutters "Reel straw animation" at the cutters

Credits: shangri66, Rival

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