FS17 - Deutz Desing Tractor V1.0

Date : 2018-07-18 07:29:19 Report
At Deutz, a few things were changed and improved 4 new tire configurations added Standard Color Black + 4 New Desings to choose from with matching tire labels Passenger script was installed as well as the indicator Script Slices darkened Warrior logo firmly installed Interior lighting installed + cabins light Worklight attached to the side Chrome Exhaust Cover and Dark Interior by Crashi (Thank you) for that :) Light generally changed to xenon and also partly used by Tschizack Gaming Motor configuration added 9340 TTV chip 850hp Sounds overworked but probably changed in V.2 again I do not like it that much So have fun with it should there be problems or suggestions then let me know In version 2, there will be a lot more. Mod video concept will follow.

Credits: Giants/ Wiese8Modding & Modlager.de-Crashi / Tschizack Gaming(Lichter)

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