FS17 - Deutz-Fahr Agrotron Ttv 6190 V5.0

Date : 2018-03-27 06:55:35 Report
Here we have the well-known Deutz Fahr TTV model. This is New Version, revamped V5 Agrotron TTV 6190 for Farming Simulator 17. The Agrotron TTV collection in 2013 was the Agrotron 6100 series except the gearless gearbox and the closed hydraulic system For. Engine power ratings were low for the TTV models the highest readings were achieved only with the additional feature. The transmission was similar to the ZF Eccom 1.5 as in the previous models. It had 4 speed ranges, which made a great mechanical possible Power transmission at important working speeds. 50 km / h were reached 1730-1790 round. The accelerator pedal could be used either in automatic mode Pedal or the normal way. The deviation of the direction change was now adjustable with a lever. The load bearing hydraulics was equipped with a 120 or 160 l / min pump. The noise level of the Maxi Vision cab was only 68 dB. The cab suspension was standard mechanical. optional got a self-regulating air suspension. Other standard equipment included 4 an electrically controlled hydraulic section, air conditioning and also a front axle in Finland hydraulic suspension. Four smaller models were introduced for the 2014 collection, with which The most significant change from the larger one was reduced to 6200 kg. Mod features: * Interactive control (doors, rear window, skylight, roller blind, bonnet, ambient light in red, cabin light, daytime running lights & windscreen wipers) * Driver's door opened from the outside (with cabin light) * Fender can be dismantled * Lower front detachable * Cab suspension * Twin wheels rear configurable * Work lights revised * Bugfixes (should be completely free) Many many others

Credits: Modell: Nutzigerr, Beckxx, sid
Textur: Nutzigerr, Beckxx, sid
Script: Nutzigerr, Beckxx, sid
Idee / Konzept: Nutzigerr, Beckxx, sid
Tester: Nutzigerr, Beckxx, sid
Sonstige: Nutzigerr, Beckxx, sid

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