FS17 - Ebsdorfer Heide Map V2.0

February 19, 2018 1:43 pm 434 Downloads
Welcome to the Ebsdorfer Heide V2. Fields buyable New fruit textures GMK ... much more! Ebsdorfer Heide V2 by SimuFriends The Ebsdorfer Heide comes in the original from AGI (Agrartechnik Nordeifel) (Release available) General overview: Crops: Standard Ls17 fruit varieties Animals: sheep, cows, chickens, pig Fields: 63 fields, 26 grasslands Two farms with manure and manure, 1 Bga the 1: 1 was recreated. First farm with focus on dairy farmin Second farm with focus on pig breeding All gates work with the standard Ls17 Door Trigger All gates are open for realism only on foot! You take over a running operation, therefore already cows + some food + bales are available (Season's players can start directly with the cows) NEW in the V2 - Fields purchasable + missions - meadows fertilizable (not purchasable) - GMK - new fruit textures - Adapted environment / lighting conditions - new sky - Chopped Straw - Pants System by Wopster - Seasons ready - yard redesigned / rebuilt (age + new part) - Revised sales points + newly built - Bales can now be fed to the cows - new PDA (better recognizable ways) - All so little on the extended LS17 standard brought The map is still running error-free

Credits: SimuFreunde

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