FS17 - Fendt 380 GTA V 4.5

Date : 2017-02-14 05:18:19 Report
Version 4.5 Log error fixed Credits revised So now it's finally as far as the Fendt 380 GTA of SFM-Modding comes. It has now been a while since I started with the project for LS17 but now a really great Mod has emerged. The Fendt 380 GTA is originally from SFM modding, I have it only in the Ls17 converted and somewhat overworked. Of course, this is part of the mods Its functions are as follows: Color selection, tire selection, design selection, 80 or 90 HP, attachable front loader, .......

Credits: schlüterfan1977, RivalBomb, Manuel Leithner, Landmensch

Download File (11.4 MB)