FS17 - Fort Fraser Map V1

Date : 2016-11-19 08:20:35 Report
Features: Shed for sale straw moved opposite the main entrance to the farm. Repository moved to the place of the barn and completely changed in appearance. Increased capacity of up to 2 thousand. Tonnes. Added an area for equipment kombain hangar, sheds for tractors and tools, workshop with sales improving and filling equipment. Added an area with containers for the purchase of seed, liquid and granular fertilizers. For the initial stage of development also left MKR. Added several zones reset technique to the base: 1 space in front of the main concrete house, 2 along the hangar and sheds. Throughout the farm conifers replaced by deciduous birch, oak, maple – also typical for the region. Throughout the cards increased number of conifers, sometimes significantly. There are two variants of the starting equipment is installed by default is an improved: combine with 6m header; two 6 m drills; Amazon package: plows, cultivators, sprayers; mower; trailer and pick-up at 30 tons; 3 tractor with counterweights can all vysheopisanoe drag.

Credits: GIANTS Software, bid, Eribus

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