FS17 - Fox Cities Map Beta

Date : 2018-03-13 17:40:28 Report
This map is based on the area near appleton Wi Highway 10 and 76 All animals in the map. cows and pigs have a mixing station next to them for feed chickens roam around the farm and drop eggs sheep are next to the water area. Water can be obtaoned around the farm for free where pounds are available Factories are out of the box to produce pallets wood chips sugar from sugar cane, beer production is also in the map cause this is a beer state. all sell points are marked. you start off with a few vehicles. there is highway traffic that travels faster then the average traffic it has multifruit oats rye triticale millet lettuce hemp pees There are a few forest areas on the map and a sawmill on the main highway. Animal sell point is on the main highway. ClipDistance triggers have been getting rid of unwanted lag spikes Credits: regularguy for map of Fox Cities all other modders who's building i used

Credits: regularguy for making map of Fox Cities and all other modders who's buildings i used from there maps

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