FS17 - Frisian March Map V 2.1

Date : 2017-02-25 19:42:00 Report
Version 2.1. Without ditches The 2.1. Without ditches Moin love LS Community, for something of construction, the first version of my North Frisian march mod Map for LS17 is now ready. The map is based on the North Frisian march Map of LS15 (Standard) Landscape: North German plains map with trenches, windmills, dikes and small forests. Fields: farmland 20 (Owned beginning 3) + 11 grass fields (all from the beginning) Field missions are possible and train to shutdown available On the main courtyard, the cows, chickens and pigs are housed Better Start fleet than normal 12 sales opportunities for harvest as Railway Station, Depot, Raiffeisen, cereal port, grain trade, Heizfabrik, pulp mill, sugar mill, Oelfabrik, sawmill, bakery and BGA to unload my trailer So far there is no further processing, the harvest is always sold directly.

Credits: Idee / Konzept: dani1803 / FedActionLetsPlay Sonstige: Die Map darf gerne aber bitte nur mit dem Orginal Download Link auf anderen Seiten veröffentlicht werden.

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