FS17 - Gaworzyce Map V1

Date : 2017-07-02 20:09:30 Report
I created the map in the shape of a real village. I was able to do a great deal. Please respect my time devoted to her creation. The map has: * 79 half + 4 meadows * 4 farms (3 for smaller machines, and 1 for bigger ones) * On each farm there are tipcollision set in the barns, so you can sleep the church to them * In order to diversify the game on the map are only triggers for fuel (seeds, spray, fertilizer must be bought in the store). * Cows (they are bought behind the gate on the left) * Purchase * A small village located in the center of the map Interesting terrain This is the first version of the map so errors may appear, but they do not have to. If you find any error or want to contact the author of the map, Write to gg: 33205047


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