FS17 - Giants Elite Reloaded V1.0

Date : 2018-08-03 10:36:56 Report
The map was rebuilt from scratch, there are about 850 hours of work in the map. The map consists of four maps: LS2009 LS2011 LS2013 LS2015 Many details and large forests characterize the map. The fields also have something for everyone, whether large or small fields, whether quadrangular or polygonal fields. The choice is up to you. Have fun with the map. :-) !!! The complete map has been updated to the latest version of the LS 2017 and tested in single as in multiplayer !!! Additionally installed were: Version 1.0: The water trough addon In the following versions maybe a few new animals and factory script objects will be installed. Thanks for the objects: Niggels Katsuo (Agrarteam Franken) Steffen30Muc (Agrarteam Franken) Basti Pickel (Agrarteam Franken) FQC-Art DaGoasse GSI Flash B34STx Jauch Paule kevink98 Marhu fqC Art. LS-Modcompany Farmer_Andy Christians farmland technique Desperados93 robbie / rwm RC Devil - Black Sheep RedSky Fendtfan1 GTX (LS-MODCOMPANY) In case of errors or other suggestions please contact us !!! The map may be shared :)

Credits: MN99

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