FS17 - Goldcrest Valley Platinum Edition V1.0.0.5

Date : 2018-09-24 16:50:24 Report
Welcome to Goldcrest Valley! It's in need of a skilled farmer who can tend to the fields and animals. Version ( Added seed/fertilizer buy points Added foliage, parking and light by the Pro Nature AG Made field 34 smaller to be able to add better access to cows via farm Version ( Moved cows closer to farm Moved field 22 Version ( Adden fertilizer factory Updated scripts Added some minor things Version ( Added gas station Changed and moved farmsilo Changed wooded area near the farm Added new trafficspline and  more variety of cars removed mud mod caused lua compatibility issues Version ( Added mud mod Added feed mixer for cows and pigs

Credits: GIANTS Software, Gamling

And additional credits for the objects/scripts i used on this map goes to:

Fendtfan1, modelleicher, Blacksheep Modding, Desperados93, Dogface, kevink98, Marhu, Kastor, Dorset, t0xic0m,

Download File (993.4 MB)