FS17 - Great Country Map V 1.6

Date : 2017-05-25 21:28:51 Report
Version 1.6 - cardboard factory added - slaughterhouse added - Signs removed - Tierspline inserted now there is a cat in the yard - Mohntextur revised - Sales offices revised - Hotspots added This is the first time I have been to the LS. It is chopped straw installed. Now a small list of the built-up objects or buildings. The Seedmaster, Seedmixer, Mixing Station, Beer Production, Pallet Production, Barley Malt Production, Liquid Fertilizer Production, Biodiesel Production, H-Milk and Cheese Production and the Composting System, Wood Processing from Pallet to Charcoal. A workshop for the repair of your vehicles is also available, one at your farm, one at the vehicle dealer and one near the hotel. A seed and fertilizer storage is also available. Six greenhouses from lettuce to strawberries are also found in Great Country. There are still oats, rye, millet, and mixed cereals. You can sell chicken, potatoes, milk, sugar, H-milk, charcoal, cheese, turnips and everything you have produced in the greenhouses at the hotel, inn, and supermarket. At the Nordzucker you can buy at least a few of the products that are listed on the top of the page Can turn your beetroots to sugar there, or produce sugar yourself. At the spinning you can sell your wool. (Lumbermil). If you have any problems with the registration, please contact us. Wood chips at the BMKW and as already mentioned at the Toon building market. A biogas plant is also available, where you can generate silage electricity. At the Eifko, Landi, train station, and at the Grainstation you can sell all the fruits

Credits: Installed mods, textures and scripts by: KevinK98, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, GTX Mods., niggels, FS modding , Kastor, NKB-Modding, Kevink98, Nils23, fasi, auwgl, BlackSheep, FSM Modding Team, Kyosho, NLD Farmer, fqC art, möchtergernbauer

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