FS17 - Hanomag Robust 900 A (S) Bj.1967-1969 V1.0

Date : 2018-04-05 06:58:18 Report
Hello Community. Today it is time again. After a stressful Easter weekend today rolls again one of our restored iron pigs from the workshop. The Hanomag Robust 900 A (S) The Robust 900 A (S) is the largest Hanomag tractor ever built in series. It was built from 1967-1969. The built-in engine type D162R1 with 4712 cc of capacity made a whopping 85hp Depending on the tires, the speed was between 27km / h and 35km / h. In addition, you could optionally buy a Fritz Meier tarpaulin against surcharge. So and now to the mod .... what can he and what does he have?! What is so all installed Model of LANZ-EILBULLDOG (LS13) - Restored in March 2018 -AO texture -Druckluftbremsanlage -Contrable concrete weight -Stoll FL console for the FZ30 (for the skeptics is an original image):) -Motor selection / It is possible to install the 92PS Strong Power Pack from the Robust 901A (S)) Tire selection including contemporary rim texture (standard / nursing tires / wide tires) -Controllable Fritzmeier tarp roof with IC control for the cold days in the LS (PUMA-FBM) -Gearbox and Oilchange-Mod Ready -Real Exhaust Particle - Dynamic Hoses with 4 hydraulic control units, compressed air, electrical socket - Afterwards he got new mirrors and work lights during the restoration -2 Versions LIGHT BLUE and DARK BLUE (Unfortunately still as a single mods-but still fixed) Number plate script for Germany and Austria (Blacky-BPG) Is he perfect?! Does he really look like in the pictures ?! No he is not perfect :) He has like a real oldtimer his quirks and edges but you are allowed to search for yourself:) After all, the bumblebee just flies because it does not know that they physically do not even fly could: D Shares are all available and comments are therefore not answered. If someone who finds something where he is unsure because of the release, he may like to notify me by PM THANKS TO MICHL2, ANSOMALE, PUMA-FBM, MODELLEICHER ..... uvm. FOR THE RELEASES without you this project would not have been possible The conversion work was carried out by Dani-86 and Oldenfarm

Credits: Modell: Lanz Eilbulldog
Textur: Michl2/Dani86/Oldenfarm
Script: Giants usw.
Idee / Konzept: Dani86/Oldenfarm
Tester: Dieselsklave13
Sonstige: Modelleicher/Michl2/Puma-FBM/Ansomale/Dani86/Oldenfarm

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