FS17 - In The Middle of Challan Map

Date : 2017-06-05 18:17:22 Report
V 2.0 The complete map was rebuilt !!!: Washing machine on the farm Pro Natur AG Net supermarket New Church In The Village Woodchip conveyor belt at the yard sugar factory Butcher in the village New wooden playground New court service station Milchwerk nursery XXL HOF CONSTRUCTION Log houses Carrot and Zwibel storage possible New bakery New roads added Some fields were planted New service station And many minor bugs fixed (To have start vehicles, the savegame must be inserted!) V 1.01 Fixed some bugs What's New in the Update Added: * New straw bale sale at the farm * New large sewage treatment plant near the farm (slurry sale and production possible there.) * New field paths developed * The environment of the hay sale was embellished V 1.0 The following has been installed: * Bga Fully functional * Land / grain sale * New shop * Animal husbandry / sheep, cows, pigs, chickens * Many fields have been added (with mud)! * PDa adjusted * Other vehicles for vehicles * Hay storage and sale *Village * Football Field * Forest which is due *Sawmill (More will follow soon)

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