FS17 - John Deere 20 Premium Series V5.0

Date : 2018-08-22 08:21:02 Report
6020 4cyl (6120, 6220, 6320, 6420, 6420S) xx20 6 cyl (7120, 7220, 6520, 7320, 6620, 7420, 6820, 7520, 6920, 6920S) Wheel Config. (+50 configs) All types of wheels you have with (Empty Rim, Full Rim, Full Rim + Weights, Empty Narrow Rim, Full Narrow Rim) Extended Wheels, Continental SVT170, Continental AC65, Firestone, GoodYear, Michelin XeoBib, Michelin AxioBib2, Michelin Big, TM 700 (Old and New Look), Taurus (narrow tires) Trelleborg Dual Back Wheels Attacher Config. Basic 200kg 300kg 400kg 500kg 600kg 700kg 1000kg Front Hydraulic Front Loader Option (with/without Shield) Design Config. (GPS Option) Vehicle type config. (Added Lights-UP-DOWN-ALL) Extra Config. (TLS Option) Scripts ADD CONFIG BEIFAHRER V3 CABIN CONTROLS CAB SUSPENSION DOOR OPENER DYNAMIC HOSES EKRAN LOAD IC CONTROL JD (When you turn off tractor all on displays turn off too) NUMBER PLATES SPEED JOYSTICK +FULL ANIMATED MODEL

Credits: MB3D Moddeling, Dince & Jukka

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