FS17 - John Deere 30 Premium Series Mr Final

Date : 2018-10-21 15:42:40 Report
John Deere XX30 Premium MR This is last and FINAL VERSION of this John Deere tractors. In this final update are added: Auto Quad transmision which is full aniamted like and full model (reverser,hand thortle..) Bonnet/Hood lights are now reflective Full model is reworked and now it is 100% done! New textures for interior are also added and many more things! 6030 Premium 4 cyl (6230P-6330P-6430P) xx30 Premium 6 cilnndcyl (6530P-6534P-6630P-6830P-6930P-7130P-7230P-7330P) 7030 Medium Frame (7430P-7430EP-7530P-7530EP) Configs.: Front Attacher Config. (Bracket or FH) Front Loader Config. (Standard-FL-FL+Shield) Motor Config. Wheel Config. (53+ Cinfigs) Design Config. (GPS) Design Config.2 (TLS) Lights Config. (Standard-Added Down Lights-Added Up Lights-Added All Lights) Fenders Config. (Without or With) Stickers Config. (Without or With) Rubber Steps Config. (Without or With) Beacon Config. (Standard-Left Beacon-Right Beacon-Both Beacons) Cabin Light Config. (Without or With) Controls Config. (Mehanic or Electric Fuel Tank Config. (Standard or Big) Doors Config.(Doors+Windows or Big Doors) Color Config. (Standard Green or Black) Scripts: Add Config Cabin Controls Seat suspension Door Opener Dynamic Hoses Ref Ekran Load IC Control Start/Stop Animation Number Plates Wipers John Deere Weights: IN PACK: 300kg 500kg 700kg 900kg 1000kg 1500kg weight 1 1500kg weight 2 Configurations: Color Config

Credits: MB3D Modelling, Jukka, Infernus & Dince

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