FS17 - John Deere 6230R/6250R Tractor V4 Final Full

Date : 2017-12-14 18:15:11 Report
Functions and Modifications: * Change all textures * New textures on mask with new dirt * Improved panel control model and new steering wheel added! * Enhanced scale mask * Improved front axle position * New grill (more realistic) * Added dynamic hose (front and rear!) * Adds more realistic engine power and adds one on the chip up to 290 hp! * Fixed lights and position lights * Configure the Frontloader console (JD Frontloader is inside the package, you do not need to unpack!) * Fixed Attacker configuration * 2 X Weight Option and Laforge FH * Fixed all tire configurations * New texture of Michelin and Trelleborg tires * New Interactive Button Control * New Interactive Control Animation * Folding FH (with IC) * Added Folding Warning Sign (with IC) * Added RDA on wheels (with IC) * GPS Starfire (SIC) * Animated Wipers (with IC) * Button bumpers (S IC) * Folding steering column (with integrated circuit) * Animation of doors and rear windows (with integrated circuit) * Opening door also from the outside * Fixed hydraulic (front and rear!) * Added engine block at the front * Dynamic Exhaust (New Realistic Script) * Indoor sounds * All animated internal displays * Fixed camera position * Beifahrer / Passenger Script * Better optimization in the game * Errors is now clean! * Some visual changes and much more …

Credits: T0bi69

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