FS17 - John Deere 6R 6135-6250 - H480 Frontlader - Anbaugerate V2.9

Date : 2018-04-11 09:08:20 Report
Changelog 2.9 - Scaling changed a bit - Dynamic Hoses adjusted in front and back - Adapted rear hydraulics - adapted PTO - fixed minor bugs - Log clean John Deere 6R Series MW 6135R - 6155R LW 6175R - 6215R HD 6230R - 6250R BE 6230R - 6250R After some mistakes have happened to me during the rescaling and I (due to lack of experience), some things have not adjusted, here comes a flawless new version. - Dynamic Hoses Front and Rear - Real Light states - many tire configurations - Top Lights, horns and much more ... Ideas or suggestions write in the comments. Until then, first of all, have fun with the now bug-free version.

Credits: frank772904
Puma FBM

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