FS17 - Kujawsko Pomorskie Map V1.0

Date : 2018-08-03 10:36:50 Report
Hello. This is my next map, but the first one is released. The map has. – One farm – Cows – Chickens – Village – Oat – Rye – Buyable fields – Purchase of grain – Machines shop in the Agroma – Chopped straw mod – Mud mod – Gates and doors on the mouse button – Folding blower on the mouse button – Diversified terrain – Bedding and feeding cows in the cowshed – Watering in a meadow – filling water on a hole near a ditch It is forbidden to transfer to other forums unless the link to the author and description is preserved No conversion to FS 19 It is forbidden to edit the map.

Credits: XEnter

Download File (735.8 MB)