FS17 - Kuray Map V1.1

Date : 2017-04-08 18:59:49 Report
Version 1.1 Added/changed: – Changed the southern strip of the card. 14 box became a little smaller. – Added ChoppedStraw map. Fixed: – Fixed the second silo. – Fixed collision of some objects. – Fixed displaying of posts departure times of trains. Deleted: – Removed the trigger store in the garden center. The author of the map Farming Simulator 15: Alexey Dorofeev. The envelope in Farming Simulator 17: Ту4ка CoE. Be sure to connect the 3 additional mod: Kuray_FS17_mod.zip Kuray_FS17_mod_kotteMilkBarrel.zip Kuray_FS17_mod_Polonez_Caro_V2.zip Field on the map will need to plow, four fields willАлексей Дорофеев, Ту4ка Коу be under computer control, will be able to perform tasks on them. On the basis of a lot of sheds and garages, they all have functional doors. There is a storehouse for potatoes and sugar beet, hay and straw, the storage of gasoline, warehouse chips, separabile and the mill producing pallets, sell that you can go to the Train station as chips. Logs you need to load using the crane in train cars and send it. On the map there is a huge forest.

Credits: Алексей Дорофеев, Ту4ка Коу

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