FS17 - Kverneland Miniair Nova V1.0

Date : 2020-03-11 06:25:59 Report
Here is the extremely well done Kverneland Minair Nova 2 mod by xyzspain for FS 2015, brought into FS 2017. I have always loved this medium sized planter, yet, to date, it has never been brought to FS 2017. I decided to give it a go, it turned out very well, so it is here for all to enjoy... The Kverneland Minair Nova is the professional solution for all vegetable growers... The pneumatic precision seed drill for a large variety of natural, coated or pelleted seeds - additionally, onion, cabbage, spinach, carrot, asparagus and many other types of vegetables, as well as medicinal herbs and flowers. The Miniair Nova is available with rigid frame or as a parallel hydraulic folding model, with working width of 2 to 8 meters. The machine can be adjusted to a height of up to 34cm for field, bed or ridged cropping systems via the holes on an adjustment bar on the suspension. The standard gearbox allows seed spacing of 0.9 to 43.4cm. The chain wheels can be changed without the need for tools. This mod is the largest, 8 meter, size... it plants normal fruits on any map (anything which falls under "planter" in the game, such as corn, sugarbeets, sunflowers and soybeans) This mod has all the default ingame planter functions: "X" unfolds/folds "Y" lowers/raises "B" turns on/off the unit.

Credits: model: xyzspain
texture: xyzspain
FS 2015: xyzspain
FS 2017 conversion/edit: ccs101

Download File (14.4 MB)