FS17 - Lost Lands Map V1.1.0

Date : 2018-05-20 14:09:58 Report
There is a Small map MultiFruits to Single or two in MultiPlayer This Version More Placeable Places Farm Fruits Added Apple Orange Pear Added GasStation Objects added in the Map Buildings Added Terrain editing in some areas and many more 26 FRUITS to cultivate OAT  TOBACCO  COTTON  HOPS  MILLET  COFFEE  MUSTARD  RYE  ONION  CARROT PEANUT  RICE  TRITICALE  SUDANGRASS  SORGHUM  GRAPE  BLACKBEAN Animals Standard more Animal2 Zebu Goat Dog Pony Goose Piglet Mod Chicken Farm Motel Buy Milk and Egg Box Emmerson buy Goose Box For the Piglet mod you got to buy the PigletBox in the Store and Milk to produce Pigs Forest  and many more Start a new SaveGame please and have fun

Credits: Giants,Danjelmc,Farmer_Andy,Kevink98,Marhu,TheSnake and the others for the objects in the Map

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