FS17 - Massey Ferguson 7700 Series V 3.0

Date : 2017-09-21 06:20:58 Report
Version 3.0 – Reworked model in Blender – Animated cabine suspension – Animated steering column – Animated clutch, brake and throttle pedals – Animated wipers (turn on via IC & autostart during rain) – Animated mirrors (open/close via IC) – Animated beacons (Remove/Add/Rotate via IC) – Supports Frontloaders with Dynamic Hoses – New GPS Monitor (Toggle via IC) – Improved textures on interior decals – Improved visuals – Fixed backwindow sound – Engine numbers now present on main monitor (CruiseControl/Fuel etc..) – Toggle plates on/off via IC. – Reworked all engine sounds – New IC buttons – Mod cleaned for unnessessary file duplicates – New design options – Colorable rims – New wheel configurations – Adjusted passenger camera Design option #1: 1. Standard 2. Red w/Black Roof 3. Black w/Grey Roof 4. Black w/Black Roof 5. Silver w/Grey Roof 6. Silver w/Black Roof Design option #2: 1. Standard Decals 2. Black Decals Rim Colors: 1. MF Grey 2. Black 3. White Added wheel configurations: 1. Nokian 2. Nokian w/ weights The MF 7700 tractor series from Massey Ferguson has been specifically designed to meet to the needs of farming professionals, whatever your business environment and operations, from mixed farming to arable and contracting businesses. Engine configurations: 7719 Dyna-6 210 hp 154 kW 7720 Dyna-6 225 hp 165 kW 7722 Dyna-6 240 hp 177 kW 7724 Dyna-6 260 hp 191 kW 7726 Dyna-6 280 hp 206 kW – Max forward speed 53 km/h – Max backward speed 20 km/h Properties:  Animated seat suspension Animated cabine suspension Animated joystick Animated steering column Animated wipers (turn on via IC & autostart during rain) Animated mirrors (open/close via IC) Animated beacons (Remove/Add/Rotate via IC) Physical camera IC Control Indoor Sounds (volume level change when doors & window open/close ) Open door from outside Optional ME TRACK-Guide Monitor (Illuminated screen+IC Functions) Engine numbers now present on main monitor (CruiseControl/Fuel etc.) Improved visuals Interiorlights for speedometer & indicators Cabinlight for nightwork Passenger support Remove / add fenders via IC Frontloader attacher with Dynamic Hose support Dynamic Hoses support (front/back) Horsch computer (toggle via IC) New engine sounds New color + specular Plates added (Remove via IC) New lights Design Configuration #1: Standard Red w/ black roof Black w/ grey roof Black w/ black roof Silver w/ grey roof Silver w/ black roof Design Configuration #2: Standard decals Black decals Wheel Configurations: Standard Wheel weights Wide tires Narrow tires Broad with weights Twin wheels Nokian Nokian w/ weight Rim Colors:  MF Grey Black White Use this frontloader with Dynamic Hose script: https://fsmod.net/fs17-stoll-fz60-pack/

Credits: Astropolis

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