FS17 - MaverickfarmV2seasons V 5

Date : 2017-09-10 18:41:31 Report
Version 5 Final version With this update you do need a new savegame colission at pigsgate and seedproductions fixed added fuelstorage at the mainfarm and animal area added trigger to fuelstorage to fill up your vehicles so you can fill up with selfproduced fuel higherd the roof at farmsilo 3 , so tippers has more space inside animals don’t run trough wall’s anymore made a solution for the cow and sheep dirt unreachable gold nuggets ,solved pigs didn’t make dirt solved (pigs can be pigs again) Added grapes,coffee and coffeeBeans to the Farmsilo’s Cow feedmixer didn’t take dry_grass , fixed fixed the boards, some fruits didn’t show the capacity added NEW kastorfood,needs the kastorfood vehicles for transport(i’m not allowed to put them in the zip) coffeeOrchard and CoffeeRoaster, need special trailer to load coffeebeans and coffee (included in zip) sugarfactory flourfactory icecream factory biscuit factory added butter and cream to the milkfactory changed the little winebarrels into 12 little barrels on pallet for easier transport No need anymore to bring them to the cellar by hand. Got rid of allot double textures. changed two more fields to be owned by players added 1 extra smaller field (grassfield) Did a huge cut back on the big forest. Even with the extra factory’s schrinked the map to 1.2GB instead 1.35GB If you like the map consider a small donation for more then 3 months work on this map. Believe me it’s like a full time job and give me more stress the my wife (joke) It would be very appreciated, i’m saving for a new system and better equipment. 1: make sure you don’t have another map in you modfolder 2: make sure you don’t have the kastor placeable’s in your modfolder they will conflict with the ones that are build in. 3: you do not need UPK or any other script for the map , all you need is build in the map. Mavericksfarm is a 4x flat map with 21 large fields and allot of nice flat room for all these nice placeable mods out there. The map is made with the bigbud in mind,so it became a map for bigtoys. 5 additional fruits oat , rye , triticale , spelt , millet. Plenty enough to do on this map. There is enough grass on the map to cut so you can easely have enough to keep the animals alive during the winter (seasons) Milk don’t sell automaticly, so you will need the kotte universal pack to transport your milk. Version 2 UPDATE This is version 2 and the final version of Mavericksfarm Seasons ready Unless there appear some problems i will short them out if possible. I added allot in the second version and improved some things. – cut down the forestry area,it was to big and i hear it makes the area laggy. – removed the sawmill for boardpallets and placed 2 woodfactory’s in place. -changed palletfactory’s and moved to forestry area -changed BGA area (siloking under the ground for acces with tipper -and changed biodiesel area -removed the little greenhouses and created one big greenhouse that produce 8 different fruits -removed pallets from greenhouse,compost is needed to produce instead. -added manure,seeds and fertilizer to farmsilo’s -removed all trees and renewed to work with the seasons mod -tried to label everything for your comfort. -the map has 2 placeable area’s made snowfree , it’s marked on the PDA ADDED more to do i include an xml with all factory’s on it PS: make sure you don’t have other maps in your modfolder because that probably will cause conflicts for this map. This was my first map and my first steps in map modding, now i know how much work this is i respect all modders even more. This map was a learning proces , i hope you enjoy the map. After a few weeks rest i probably gonna make another normal size map so solo players also can enjoy a map of mine.

Credits: Maverick74

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