FS17 - North Central Kansas Map V2

Date : 2017-07-11 18:36:01 Report
Howdy Folks. This Is My First Mod. So Please Not Too Much Hate Ok? I Am Big Fan Of Hobbs Farms. Since FS15 Was Released I Have always Enjoyed His Farms They Feel Like Home. Mr Hobbs Recently Uploaded Map For FS17 & I Enjoyed It A Lot But I Thought This Version He Created Lacked Some Of Old Creation History. So I Did Some Research On YouTube On How Too Convert Mods And Use Giant Editor & So On. I Think This Came Out Pretty Good. I Call This North Central Kansas (Hobbs Edition) I Take No Credit For This All I Did Was Added A Few Changes. On Game Start You Have 100 Cows, 100 Sheep, 100 Chickens. Your Main Resources Are Maxed Out So You Can Go Ahead & Think About Farming Instead Of Feeding The Critters. I Placed In All The Exspensive Rides With A Few Customs Also Included. I Removed Trees, Bushes & Rock That Surrounded The Field Areas So That Tractor Performance Was Easier. I Also Removed The Decoration Buildings And Replaced Them With Animated Working Buildings. I Was Able To Convert Some Of Mr Hobbs Old Mods From FS15 Such AS Buyable Feed Lot – You Buy Feed Now Rather Then Waiting To Harvest. There’s A Food Hall Located Between The Cows & Chickens You Can Store Your Silage, Hay, & Other Critter Food There. I AM Not A PRo You All Still Learning To Do This So If You Find Any Errors Let Me Know. There Is A Few mods Included You Need To Add Them To Your Mod Profile So They Will Show Up In The Map. Ya’ll Take Care Now!

Credits: Mr Hobbs, GrizzlyMan, Giants Editor

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