FS17 - North Frisian March 4-fold Map V1.4 Without Trenches

Date : 2018-03-05 17:11:50 Report
North Frisian march 4-fold map The 1.4 without trenches Moin moin people, after a long construction time, it is finally time and I publish the first version of the 4-fold map. North German landscape with 45 fields and 16 grass fields. 4 farms and 4 biogas plants, Hühnerhof and Rinderhof. Extra fruit varieties Oats, rye and hops. Take a look at the video for the map presentation in peace. Huge production and sales opportunities: Cattle Breeding -> Cows Chicken farm -> eggs Sawmill -> board pallets Wood chipper -> wood chips Pallet plant -> empty pallets Composter -> Compost Flour Factory -> Wheat, barley and rye flour Bakery -> Bread, pastries and cakes Brewery -> wheat or barley beer Fruit farm -> apples, pears, cherries and plums Vegetable farming -> salad, tomato, red cabbage and cauliflower Distillery -> Obstler and Korn Cutter -> fish and crabs Dairy -> milk, butter, cream, quark and yogurt Pellets Factory -> Pellets Stoffrabik -> fabric rolls Sugar factory -> sugar Pumpkin Farm -> Pumpkin Cement factory -> Cement Butcher -> Meat and sausage Dieselfabrik -> Diesel Edible oil factory -> cooking oil Potato washing plant -> washed potatoes Potato Factory -> French fries, potato sack and chips Compound feed -> compound feed for cows / cattle Pig Feed Mixer -> Pig Feed Farm shop with sale of fruits and vegetables -> cash boxes fertilizer production seed production sand production Kiesprodultion Construction site with sale of sand, gravel and cement -> cash boxes Bridge construction to get to the big island 3 supermarkets, 2 pallet points of sale and stadium for sale of the products 6 outlets for grain + horse farm, straw power plant, heating and straw / grass sales Bank for the exchange of cash boxes If you have any questions just look in my Let's Play series there I show everything that is possible. Errors that should perhaps still be noticed, the best way to simply post among the videos on Youtube. Many thanks and now I wish you much fun on the new map. Kind regards dani1803 FedActionLetsPlay

Credits: Idee / Konzept: FedActionLetsPlay

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