FS17 - Pottinger Novacat Pack V1.1

Date : 2018-10-20 08:06:15 Report
Pöttinger Novacat pack V1.1 attached to the 301 holder for the hoses. Dynamic hoses revised, 2 hoses per device. Electrics removed at 301 and x8 (since no lighting). Hydraulic connections adapted to the x8. Lettering on the tarpaulin removed. DH must now be configured, whether front or rear of the mower. Standard pack with dynamic hoses Novacat 301 Ed Required power: 70hp Working width: 3.1 M Dynamic hoses Novacat 302 Ed Required power: 80 hp Working width: 3.0 M Dynamic hoses Novacat X8 Ed Required power: 160 hp Working width: 8,4 m Dynamic hoses These are the standard mowers that have received dynamic hoses. The NC X8 has also received connections to connect the NC301ED with hoses.

Credits: Giants
930TMS= (Dom89)

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