FS17 - Rockwood Map V 1.2 Texture Fix

Date : 2017-03-22 09:20:55 Report
Version 1.2 Texture Fix - Texture paths shortened (problems here and there) - Grash height set to 0.3 (brings 10 - 15 fps) Welcome to Rockwood for the Farming Simulator 17th Yes I know I've been quite a long time for it. But now I want to put you on the 17er version of the most appreciated Forestry-only maps for the Farming Simulator available. Anyone familiar with the map from the 15's, will know that it's absolutely nothing to do with agriculture. Darstellung. A few adjustments I have yet made: More than 4000 trees precipitable Sawmill Marhus script. Produced boards pallets, which can be sold at the carpentry shop (opposite nursery). (WaterDump trigger - just pure throw) The nursery is just for you, because the seedling pallets spawn dealer - a garden center no longer gibts Street lighting on the main road Biomass heating buy Wood Chips

Credits: Giants, Mortary, El Cid, Modswanted, Tunewar, Fendtfan1, Mellie, Eribusm Epic_pryda, nt0xic0m, Fatian, Marhu, nikson

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