FS17 - Russia Map V2.1.4

March 11, 2020 6:23 am 1202 Downloads
- Map "Russia" with the functionality of the map "Gifts of the Caucasus". - To build your own car depot, you need to import building materials, there are factories like in a recreation center, an additional meat processing plant and a textile factory. - Cows are sold at MTF, pigs at STF, and sheep and chickens from Highlanders. - If for production there is not enough resource, all you need can be bought. - In the brigade you can buy all the crops. - At the vegetable warehouse you can buy potatoes, beets, carrots. - At STF you can buy feed for pigs, hay, straw, silage. - At MTF you can buy milk. - Supported mod seasons. Pak start equipment for the card "Russia". Zil-130 onboard and trailer for the card "Russia". Pak KamAZ for the card "Russia". KamAZ 8x8 Pak for the "Russia" card. ChMZAP-938532 tiled truck for the Russia card. Version 2.1.4 for Farming Simulator 2017 (v1.5.x): - Fixed a problem with loading pesticides from storage on the farm; - Fixed the trigger in the store "farm" - did not buy logs; - All stacks with bales on the map can now be removed for money; - Now you can clear the area between the feed mixers and the bale storage for installing purchased items.

Credits: vladimir.loko

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